Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maglula Uplula Pistol Magazine Loader

When I first saw the Maglula Uplula Pistol Magazine Loader it made no sense at all to me. I just could not visualize how this contraption was going to load a magazine. All the reviews said it would save my thumbs from the pain of loading magazines and I could do it in less time. I held out for a long time, thinking, “I can load a ten round M&P45 magazine pretty quick,” and I really didn’t want to spend the money for something I didn’t think could live up to the hype.

When I finally caved, it was more out of curiosity than necessity. I bought my Maglula from the MidwayUSA website with the idea that if I didn’t think it lived up to what everyone was saying about it, I’d return it with fewer problems there. I thought I’d gotten it on sale, but I’m probably thinking I just didn’t spend as much as our local gun store.

When it arrived, I opened the package and was pleasantly surprised to find out how well built it was. It actually only took less than a minute it figure out how it works. I don’t know about it actually saving you any time, but it does make loading those last couple of cartridges into a magazine so much easier. It might average out to less time between the super easy first few rounds and the super tough last couple of rounds of that 10 round M&P magazine.

The Maglula Uplula did in fact save my thumbs from a lot of wear and tear when I started shooting USPSA matches. These matches use anywhere between 130 to 150 rounds. That’s not really a lot, but that’s 13 to 15 times of having to load rounds # 9 and 10 into an already cramped magazine. With the Maglula, it’s as easy as squeeze and push down. The hardest part now is just keeping the bullets in your loading hand pointed in the right direction. Don’t laugh, sooner or later, you’ll be loading in a hurry and drop a round into a mag backwards with this thing.

Maglula sells these loaders for calibers less than 9mm and for rifles. They have the StripLula for loading .223 into AR and Mini-14 mags. There is the BabyUplula for pistols up to .380. Maglula is coming out with a 22Uplula for converted .22LR magazines. Lastly there are the V10 and V12 for .22LR mags with projecting follower buttons. Before you order from anyone though, check out Maglula’s website. There are a bunch of restrictions on what each unit will work on and what it won’t work on, so read up and order carefully.

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