Sunday, July 8, 2012

My First

I bought my first firearm when I turned 21. I actually put a down payment on it about 2 weeks prior, and picked it up on my 21st birthday. I was expecting to pay $700 for it. It was a Colt Python, and it was one of my dream guns. It ended up being on sale the day I picked it up from The Gun Box in Newport News, VA. Final price was $600 for the 4” stainless steel piece of art. Happy birthday to me!! If you can find one now in this condition, you’ll easily pay twice what I did. She’s been my nightstand gun since the day I bought her.( I’ve been meaning to rethink that philosophy for some time now.)

My second dream gun is a Colt Gold Cup National Match. I’ve not had the pleasure of owning one of these… yet. Another reader from a forum I frequent sold one today. If I had seen the post sooner, there would have been another pony in the stable. One of these days, one of these days.

I did manage to get my hands on a Colt Government Model 1911A1 from a buddy in the Navy. I hung on to it for a year or so, and never really shot it much. I ended up selling it, like a fool. That was the last gun I sold. I might sell another one day, but I doubt it. I’m finicky about the guns I buy, so the gun would really have to be a major disappointment for me to turn around and sell it.

I don’t consider myself a collector. I have rifles, shotguns, and more handguns. I believe different guns suit different purposes and different occasions. There is no one perfect gun. I’ll get into that more later on down the road.