Sunday, August 26, 2012

Can You Use a Good Laugh?

I don’t own a gun safe, so I have to take “extraordinary measures” to safeguard my firearms if I’m out of town. I hide guns in some of the weirdest places. If I ever die while I’m out of town, my girlfriend is going to have to hire bloodhounds to find all my stuff.

This Saturday, I was crawling into one of my favorite hiding spots with my AR when I knocked my head against something. Well, natural reaction is to jerk your head away from what you just whacked your head into, right? Well, try not to jerk it in the direction of the AR you’re carrying if you do. This will cause much cussing and leaking of blood upon your pretty and clean AR-15.

I think I smacked the bridge of my nose right into the top rail. I remember hearing something crack, but looking back I don’t remember if it was from my head or my nose. This will teach me to delay mounting optics. Course, if I had the scope mounted, I’d have probably put a nice goose egg on my forehead or broken my nose worse than I did. Or worse, damaged the brandy new Burris TAC30 scope I just waited 3 months for.

Anyway, I now have a nice 3/8” long “V” on the right side of the bridge of my nose that took 6 stitches to close up. They took some great x-rays of my nose and there’s no doubt it’s broken. Luckily it didn’t require being reset. After it’s stitched up is the wrong time for that in my opinion, but I’m not a doctor.

Moral of the story is “Buy a safe, dummy. It’s better than a busted nose!”

Be safe!

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