Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Product Review: Freedom Munitions 230gr FMJ Remanufactured Ammunition

If you’re like me, you’re always finding new websites delivering the same products you’re buying somewhere else, and you’re asking yourself if you should leave tried&true.com for this newly found supplier.

Well, I think I may have found my next source for 230 grain FMJ ammunition for range and USPSA use. After perusing freedommunitions.com, and seeing the care they put into producing their ammunition, I thought I’d give them a try.

I placed my Internet order on Saturday, August 4th. On Monday, a FedEx tracking number was created and I was notified via email. On Tuesday, August 7th, it left their facility and on August 11th, it was delivered to my door. The box arrived in great shape for a cardboard box with 50# of ammo in it. There was no damage to any of the contents. I thought this was really exceptional considering the box came to my house in southeast Georgia from way out in Washington.

When I finally got around to opening the box on Monday evening, I was pleasantly surprised to find the contents divided into 50 round boxes, and not loose in a single plastic bag. I visually inspected about 400 rounds for cracked, dented, or corroded cases. There were some dented cases, but none of the dents were more than 1/16” long and not more than about 0.010” deep. The rims looked and felt fine. The primers all looked to be properly seated. I borrowed a calibrated caliper from work to measure the overall length. Of the 100 or so rounds I inspected, they all ranged from 1.2595” to 1.2620”.

So with that done, today I went to the range to see how they shoot. I didn’t have a chrono to check velocities with. (I’ll try to bum one off a coworker in the near future.) I ran 100 rounds through my M&P without so much as a hiccup. No failures of any kind. This ammunition shoots fairly clean. Not much smoke at all. Granted I was outside, but there wasn’t much air moving and the most I saw was just a light wisp. I don’t think it would even be a problem on an indoor range.I wasn’t really set up to check the accuracy of this ammo, but at 7 yards I was consistently hitting a 3” x 5” target area, and that’s plenty accurate for range and match ammo, at least for me.

I give Freedom Munitions 2 thumbs up for their remanufactured 230 grain FMJ ammunition. So if you’re looking for a new source of range ammunition for your .45’s, give Freedom Munitions a try. Did I mention you can purchase either remanufactured or new ammunition from them?

Be safe.

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