Friday, October 19, 2012

Product Review – Offset Tactical Weapon Mount for 1 Inch Flashlights

I’ve got another product review for you, folks. This time it’s an Offset Tactical Weapon Mount for one inch flashlights. If you read my last post you would know that I love a good bargain, and also the fact that I bought a flashlight, but didn’t have a way to mount it on my AR-15. Well, Eric at the Gunmart Blog must be looking out for me, because I think it was the day before he posted a Deal Alert for this offset light mount. The Alert was for an Amazon seller named Performance Outdoor Gear. The mount sold for $1.90 and shipping was $4.99. Other light mounts I saw on the internet were running anywhere from $17 to $62, so even at $7, this was a steal.

Once again, it was another plain white box with a sticker on the outside saying “Made in China”, so I didn’t have great expectations. Out of the box, I find that all of the parts are there, and it included the allen wrench and a spare clamping screw. The spare screw is a good thing if you’re tinkering with the mount while kicked back in your recliner and you keep dropping the ones you’re removing to install the flashlight. (Moving to the table now.)

Workmanship, fit and finish are very good.

All the parts fit together well. There are no sharp edges, burrs, or sticking threads. The mount fit just fine on the main shaft of the G3 flashlight. If I planned to leave the light in the mount and on the rifle, I would add just a dot of blue Loctite thread locking compound to make sure the clamp doesn’t come loose from repeated firing.

The finish of the mount looks really good. There are no scratches or chipping around the edges. There are thin strips of tape on the inside diameter of the clamping surfaces to give the mount some grip.

Close up mounted
The mount fit like a champ onto the Gun Shack G3 flashlight. I had to remove the pocket clip to install the mount, but that’s fine. It wouldn’t even hurt my feelings if the clip were to become lost. Mounting to a Picatinny rail was a snap. Once attached and snugged down, there was no wiggle of the mount or light. With the offset down and using a vertical foregrip, the light would be in the perfect position to activate the tail cap button. If you have an angled foregrip like I do, turn the offset up for the perfect placement.

Mounted above the side rail level for use with an angled foregrip.
Mounted below the side rail level for use with a vertical foregrip.
(Don't laugh at my improvised foregrip. You get the idea.)
Overall, I think this is a very good mount regardless of the price or packaging. I wish I could put a definite manufacturer’s name to it, but I’ve not seen one anywhere in the paperwork or online. I’ll give it 4-1/2 stars. I would give it 5 stars if it were made in the USA.

If you have questions, shoot me a comment.

Be safe.

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