Saturday, November 24, 2012

UPDATED Product Review - Gunshack G3 Flashlight

Just a quick post to update you on the G3 flashlight I reviewed a short while back. I had high hopes of taking this light to the range next weekend, but before I can go to the range I've got honey do's to get done this weekend.

I'm replacing my bypass closet doors. Unfortunately, I have to attach the hardware to the door with the rollers on the track. (I'd like to get my hands on the person that built this house.) While trying to set the last door on the hall closet, I needed some light to fasten the door to the hardware since there is no light in this one closet. I grabbed the G3 since it's small and would be easier to handle than a 3 cell Maglight. This is when the trouble and cussing started.

With the G3 in my left hand and the cordless screwdriver in my right, I set to the task of attaching the door to the rollers. On the second of 6 screws, the light decides to blink out. I give it a shake, and it's back. Cool. I go back to getting screw #2 tightened up and the light blinks out again. Shake shake. Nothing. A gentle tap on the door and it's back, but on low. Click click, and she's back on high. This goes on through screws #2 and 3. Off and on and high to low beam whenever the light sees fit. By then I'm good and pissed. G3 is now embossed in several places on the trim inside that closet. I finally throw it our of the closet and grabbed my Maglight. (Anger management is not my forte.)

As I'm finishing up final adjustments and clean up, the G3, now laying on the hallway floor, decides to come on all by itself. A minute later it was back off and two minutes after that it was on yet again, all without any help from me or the dog.

It's now in the bottom of my kitchen garbage. I had high hopes for this light, but in the back of my mind I knew I would get what I paid for. So now I'll put my swim trunks on and prepare to take that dip into the $100+ weapon light pool.

Be safe.

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