Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gun Confiscation: Lessons Learned

There’s a lot of talk around the web of the government confiscating our guns. I hope and pray this never happens, but I remain guarded on the whole situation. There is a picture floating around Facebook with a story about the Wounded Knee Massacre. It sounded like something I wanted to share, so I figured I’d check the facts before sharing it.

Now, I’m not a big fan of Wikipedia, but I will resort to it for things like this. Sure enough the facts were accurate in the Facebook story, so I went ahead and shared it with everyone. While I was reading though, I came across a quote from a former Pine Ridge Indian agent, Valentine McGillycuddy when asked his opinion of the hostilities of the Ghost Dance movement. He said,

"As regards disarming the Sioux, however desirable it may appear, I consider it neither advisable, nor practicable. I fear it will result as the theoretical enforcement of prohibition in Kansas, Iowa and Dakota; you will succeed in disarming and keeping disarmed the friendly Indians because you can, and you will not succeed with the mob element because you cannot."

"If I were again to be an Indian Agent, and had my choice, I would take charge of 10,000 armed Sioux in preference to a like number of disarmed ones; and furthermore agree to handle that number, or the whole Sioux nation, without a white soldier. Respectfully, etc., V.T. McGillycuddy.”

We need to remember that this letter was written a month after the killing of Chief Sitting Bull, 2 weeks after the battle of Wounded Knee. He might have known Sitting Bull, but in the day of slow communication, I’m sure he didn’t know about Wounded Knee. To me, this speaks volumes. McGillycuddy knew the Sioux well enough to know disarming them would lead to hostilities. He knew that he was better off with them being armed and hence on his side, rather than disarmed and mad at him and others.

Can you see how this applies to what is going on today? This is only one example. There are more from around the world, but this one struck me as special. Our government could learn a valuable lesson by reading their history lessons.

Take a few minutes to give your representatives in Washington a history lesson.

Be safe.

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