Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shooting Drills

With everyone in the “Panic Buying” mode, I keep hearing folks talking about buying and hording as much ammunition as they can. I can’t say I blame anyone. I wouldn’t want to waste any ammunition, but my attitude is that training isn’t wasting ammunition unless you don’t have a plan when you hit the range.

I found a list of handgun drills that can help you use your precious ammunition more effectively. It’s broken down into three files. Some of the drills have the same name; there may be only slight differences.

Handgun Drills - Links to parts 2 and 3 are inside the linked PDF. 

It’s also best to run drills with a friend that knows what you want to accomplish. Your friend can watch what you’re doing and critique you. You can then do the same while your friend runs the drill. An alternative would be to use a video camera to record your drills. It’s best to review each drill and make necessary corrections so you don’t create any bad habits. Remember, only PERFECT practice makes perfect.

Many of the handgun drills can be run with a rifle. You’ll just have to adapt the ranges and times accordingly. I couldn’t find any documents like these for rifle drills, but if you Google “rifle drills”, many listings will come up. I personally like the Viking Tactical videos on YouTube. I don’t really care for their malfunction drills, because at the time the videos were made at least, they didn’t advocate visually checking a rifle malfunction before starting into the “fix”, but that’s another post down the road.

So grab some targets and ammo and head for the range with a training plan, then stick to that plan. You'll come away at the end of the day with a great sense of accomplishment.

Be safe.

Conversation starter - What's your favorite drill and why? Share your comments below.

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