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GG&G Quick Disconnect Sling Attachments for Mossberg 500A Shotguns

The GG&G QD Sling Swivel Attachments for Mossberg Model 500 Shotguns
This is a long one folks, so get your favorite beverage and get comfy. I think it will be worth the read.

I’ve had my Mossberg Model 500A since the late ‘80’s. It’s always had a 30 inch full choke barrel on it. I used it to hunt deer, turkey, squirrels and rabbits. Later in life I tried it out on doves and ducks. My only real complaint about the gun was the lack of a sling. Back then, a shotgun sling was nothing more than nylon webbing tied in knots around the barrel and butt of the gun. (At least it was for the folks I hunted with.)

Fast forward 25 years… Early last year, I thought I’d like to use the Mossberg for home defense, so I ordered a 20 inch barrel and extended magazine tube for it from Brownells. This is when I found that they now made slings and sling mounts for shottys. Now I just needed to decide what kind of sling and mounts I wanted. That decision wasn’t made until after I got my AR-15. With the hopes of having interchangeability between the AR and Mossberg, I opted for QD (quick disconnect) mounts. Unfortunately, the sling isn’t as interchangeable as I thought it would be. Once adjusted for the AR, the sling doesn’t swap over to the shotgun as well as I had hoped. No worries, I just need two identical slings, because, as my favorite Rootin’ Tootin’ instructor always says, “Consistency wins the day.”

So I settled on the GG&G QD front sling attachment and the QD receiver plate rear sling attachment. Both of these came with a heavy duty QD sling swivel. The front mount is a Parkerized, ambidextrous, steel mount. The rear mount is made of aluminum and has to be purchased as either right or left handed. (Right hand models have the sling attach on the left side of the receiver when looking down the barrel as if shooting.) It mounts between the receiver and the stock, utilizing all of the gun’s original hardware. The thing I like most about these mounts, like other quality QD mounts, is that the mount won’t allow the swivel to rotate more than about 45 degrees, keeping your sling from getting twisted. These mounts are fairly low profile (in my opinion at least), so they are less likely to hang up on gear.

DISCLAIMER: The instructions shown here are not complete detailed installation instructions. They are provided for additional information to assist you with following the manufacturer's instructions provided with the swivel mounts. 

Now for the install. Ensure your weapon is unloaded. The mounts come with fairly decent instructions, but I think pictures would help.  Although I’m showing this on a 500A with a 20 inch barrel, these mounts will fit any 500A with any length barrel.

Ensure the weapon is unloaded again and remove the barrel in accordance with your owner's manual instructions.

Once you remove the barrel, you have to remove this star washer from the back of the barrel retaining bolt.

Use a small flat tipped screwdriver blade to hold the washer in place while you turn the barrel retaining bolt counter-clockwise.
The washer will thread itself off the bolt. Get some needle nose pliers to hold it when it gets close to coming off the bolt. It will be prone to flying across the room, otherwise.
Reinstall the barrel less the bolt. Place the QD mount on the side you want the sling to mount on. Insert the barrel retaining bolt and tighten securely.
And you're done with the front.
Remove the recoil pad retaining screws. 

That screw is 6-1/2" down. You're going to need a long screwdriver. (Trust me on this one.) 
Sears has Craftsman 8" flathead screwdrivers on sale for about $7.  A regular 6" screwdriver won't reach.
The Mossberg 500A receiver with the stock removed.
Install the rear mount, then carefully realign the stock and retaining bolt. Secure tightly being careful not to strip the threads.
I'm not crazy about the gap created by the addition of the mount. I haven't figured out if I want to fill the gap, or if I should even worry about it.
Here is the side view.
And you're done with the rear sling swivel mount.
Sorry I couldn't get a closer picture of both mounts at the same time.
Mossberg 500A with VTAC padded sling
Be safe.

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