Monday, April 1, 2013

UPDATED: Fallout of New Anti-Gun Legislation

With all of the new anti-gun legislation being either passed or proposed across America, there is an increasing amount of good conscience coming to the forefront by businesses in the gun industry. Companies are considering moving operations to other states, while others are ceasing sales to law enforcement agencies in states where sales are being banned to citizens. There are negatives to this legislation as well, besides infringing on our second amendment rights.

Companies like Magpul Industries and Hi Viz Shooting Solutions are pulling out of Colorado because of recent anti-gun bills signed into law. Colt Firearms may consider leaving Connecticut after 175 years, because proposed anti-gun bills leave them feeling “unwanted.” is leaving Farmington, NY for the Dallas, TX area due to recent legislation.

These and other companies feel strongly enough about their morals and their customers, that they are willing to spend the money to move to a freer state. This is not a cheap or easy task. Managing the logistics of moving a company with minimal production interruption is no easy or inexpensive task. When my company moved from Michigan to Georgia twenty-two years ago, it cost the company over $1M to make the move, and we didn’t have half the machines that somebody like Magpul would have.

Other companies like LaRue Tactical, Olympic Arms, and MidwayUSA have stopped selling products to law enforcement agencies in states where those same items are illegal for citizens to possess. Here is a website that was tracking a list. Some of the big names that haven’t stopped selling to agencies in the restrictive states are Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Glock, and Armalite.

So are these smaller companies going to “hurt” state LE agencies? Probably not, they’ll just find somebody else that will sell to them. Just like companies moving to other states probably won’t have a major impact on states’ revenues. Where it does hurt the most are the displaced employees, and for them I pray a speedy recovery.

Even event organizers are pulling out of anti-gun states. I just saw in The Shooting Wire that the Rocky Mountain Western States Regional IDPA Championship that was to be held this coming July in Montrose, CO has been cancelled due to the passing of anti-gun legislation. Maybe they’ll reschedule the match for Utah or Arizona since they are more gun-friendly states. In February, an Appleseed event scheduled to be held in Saugus, CA was cancelled due to “certain California laws in conjunction with a potential strong anti-gun bias of local prosecutors could create problems for the program and those who attend it.” Cancelled for fear of people being wrongfully prosecuted.

So please show your support for these companies that are standing up for our rights, and be sure to contact your elected officials to voice your opinion about where this country is going. Every voice counts, and every vote counts. Never give up.

Be safe.

UPDATE: Thursday, April 4, 2013 - The Maryland Senate gave final approval to Gov. Martin O'Malley's sweeping gun control bill Thursday night, sending the legislation to the governor for his promised signature. Beretta announced last month that it would pull out of Maryland if the bill passed. If Beretta holds to their word, this will reduce MD tax coffers and affect 400 jobs.

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