Thursday, June 6, 2013

Newtown Shooting Photos

I was sitting in the airport the other day when I heard a news story come on talking about releasing photos of the Newtown shooting crime scene? I think it was Fox News running the story. I couldn't hear everything thanks to the two neighboring gate agents that either just like to hear themselves talk over a PA system, or they were competing for who could be the loudest and least understood. I since learned that Connecticut passed a bill banning the release of crime scene photos taken at Sandy Hook, so I guess the story was about the lead up to the passing of this bill.

The newscaster was saying something about the need to publish the photographs so the public could see that the law enforcement agencies were doing their jobs properly. Ordinarily, I'd agree with that line of thinking, but not in a case like this. This isn't an investigation into government wiretapping. This is a story affecting hundreds of lives of surviving family members that have the right to privacy. Let a special committee review the investigation to ensure it's being done properly and then report to the public their findings. The public doesn't need to see this stuff.

No good can come to the families affected by this shooting by publishing the photos or videos of the crime scene. The families are living in their own Hell without the press airing the gruesome scenes upon their release, on every anniversary, and anytime they want to beat the gun control drum.

It certainly won't benefit those outside the Newtown community either. I have nothing to gain by seeing this stuff, and you don't either. We don't need to encourage any more psychopaths to strive for a higher body count. In fact, I'd be okay if the press would just make a quick mention of a shooting that occurred somewhere by some nutjob without mentioning his/her name, and then going on to the next story. Stop giving these people the publicity they are craving. I'll probably catch Hell about this, but if these whack jobs want publicity, televise their execution, that is if they aren't so cowardly as to kill themselves first.

Be safe.

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