Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Georgia General Assembly - HB 875 The Safe Carry Protection Act

GCO is reporting the introduction of HB 875, the Safe Carry Protection Act, to the General Assembly. This bill is packed with all kinds of gun goodies. You can read it for yourself here.

In it, bar and church carry would be treated like any other private property. Government buildings will only be off limits if they are guarded at their entries. It will codify airport carry in the non-secure areas. No more fingerprinting for GWCL renewals. School systems will be able to designate teachers or staff allowed to carry in school and the training they will be required to have to do so.

There's a bunch more, and you should read the bill for the specifics. Due to the weather in Atlanta, the General Assembly is off tomorrow, but when they get back, this bill will be read and then sent off to a committee. GCO and the NRA support his bill, and GCO expects widespread support under the dome. 

You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time.

Be safe.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

GA General Assembly - Update is reporting that the gun bill in the General Assembly will be re-introduced without the campus carry portion of the bill. So it looks like our secondary educational facilities in Georgia will remain target rich environments for the time being.

So how do we change who is on the Georgia Board of Regents?

Be safe.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Post Office Parking Lots No Longer Off Limits

Shortly after getting my Georgia Weapons Carry License in 2010, I learned that carrying on Post Office property was a violation of federal law. Not just carrying inside the post office, but carrying a firearm in my vehicle onto post office property, i.e. the parking lot. It didn't even matter if it was inside a locked compartment.

Well, this summer I had read that the portion of the law regarding carrying firearms on postal property had been challenged in Colorado and a judge had ruled in favor of the plaintiff (Tab Bonidy of Avon, CO.) 

Going to the post office is not something I do very often, mostly because it's so inconvenient being way downtown (all of 7 miles from home.) But I also avoided going because of the law prohibiting firearms on their property. Well, today I had the need to go to the post office. I remembered reading about the case and the outcome, so I went hunting for the federal law. In the little bit of time I had to prepare, I could only find this article. I emailed it to my phone just in case I needed to show somebody in my defense. I later found the ruling. Here it is, if you'd like to read it for yourself.

By the way, the price of postage stamps is going up again. Have you stocked up on Forever stamps? A stamp is $0.46 now, and on January 26, 2014 they will increase to $0.49.

Be safe.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Georgia General Assembly Back In Session

Got a newsletter today from GeorgiaCarry.Org. The Georgia General Assembly is back in session. This means if you haven't already been in contact with your state senator or representative, you need to do so.

SB101 and HB512 are a couple of bills left over from the last session that are still up in the air. Assembly leaders have not decided which bill to put forth yet. They apparently have 4 options.

  • Pass SB101.
  • Recommit SB101 to each chamber, appoint an new conference committee and go back to conference and make changes.
  • HB 512, which passed the House overwhelmingly is sitting in the Senate. HB 512 could be heard by the Senate and passed with or without changes and sent back to the House.  If it is changed, it would then go to Conference Committee.
  • Introduce a new gun bill.
I'll try to keep you up to date if you don't receive their updates, but if you aren't a member of GCO, you should consider joining. They are the most effective grassroots organization that Georgia has fighting for your gun rights. Membership is only $15. 

GCO is responsible for getting SB308 passed back in 2010. This bill did away with the Public Gathering law and expanded the number of places a license holder could carry a firearm. The passing of SB308 is what made is easy for me to start carrying. 

Keep your eyes and ears open for more news from Atlanta. I'll try to keep you posted with recommended action.

Be safe.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Shot Heard 'Round New York - SAFE Act Demonstrations

Good on you, New Yorkers!!

Apparently there were a lot of demonstrations around the state on the anniversary of the passing of the 2013 SAFE Act. Hopefully this will help rally support since legislators son't seem to want to take any action and endanger their jobs.

Be safe.