Monday, January 13, 2014

Georgia General Assembly Back In Session

Got a newsletter today from GeorgiaCarry.Org. The Georgia General Assembly is back in session. This means if you haven't already been in contact with your state senator or representative, you need to do so.

SB101 and HB512 are a couple of bills left over from the last session that are still up in the air. Assembly leaders have not decided which bill to put forth yet. They apparently have 4 options.

  • Pass SB101.
  • Recommit SB101 to each chamber, appoint an new conference committee and go back to conference and make changes.
  • HB 512, which passed the House overwhelmingly is sitting in the Senate. HB 512 could be heard by the Senate and passed with or without changes and sent back to the House.  If it is changed, it would then go to Conference Committee.
  • Introduce a new gun bill.
I'll try to keep you up to date if you don't receive their updates, but if you aren't a member of GCO, you should consider joining. They are the most effective grassroots organization that Georgia has fighting for your gun rights. Membership is only $15. 

GCO is responsible for getting SB308 passed back in 2010. This bill did away with the Public Gathering law and expanded the number of places a license holder could carry a firearm. The passing of SB308 is what made is easy for me to start carrying. 

Keep your eyes and ears open for more news from Atlanta. I'll try to keep you posted with recommended action.

Be safe.

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