Saturday, January 18, 2014

Post Office Parking Lots No Longer Off Limits

Shortly after getting my Georgia Weapons Carry License in 2010, I learned that carrying on Post Office property was a violation of federal law. Not just carrying inside the post office, but carrying a firearm in my vehicle onto post office property, i.e. the parking lot. It didn't even matter if it was inside a locked compartment.

Well, this summer I had read that the portion of the law regarding carrying firearms on postal property had been challenged in Colorado and a judge had ruled in favor of the plaintiff (Tab Bonidy of Avon, CO.) 

Going to the post office is not something I do very often, mostly because it's so inconvenient being way downtown (all of 7 miles from home.) But I also avoided going because of the law prohibiting firearms on their property. Well, today I had the need to go to the post office. I remembered reading about the case and the outcome, so I went hunting for the federal law. In the little bit of time I had to prepare, I could only find this article. I emailed it to my phone just in case I needed to show somebody in my defense. I later found the ruling. Here it is, if you'd like to read it for yourself.

By the way, the price of postage stamps is going up again. Have you stocked up on Forever stamps? A stamp is $0.46 now, and on January 26, 2014 they will increase to $0.49.

Be safe.

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