Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bibb County Sheriff's Deputy: "It's a 45 GAP ACP"

.45 G.A.P. vs .45 ACP

A what?!? 

This is what I heard in a Macon Arby's last night. Two LEO's having supper. One in a Bibb County Sheriff's Office polo, the other a jacket and tie. Both are armed, and carrying openly.

The older gentleman in front of me asked the BCSO officer what model of Glock they were carrying. And that's what he said. "It's a 45 GAP, ACP." I remarked that I didn't think 45 GAP really caught on with anyone. "Well, it's relatively new. It's only been out about 2 or 3 years."

With that, I just butted out. But I then heard him explain how 45 GAP won't over-penetrate a sheetrock wall. I bit my tongue. They walked out of the restaurant. The gentleman in front of me waiting for his food mumbled something about bigger is always better. I tried to tell him it's all about shot placement, but I wasn't swaying his opinion.

Don't believe everything you hear in a gun store or a Macon Arby's.

Be safe.

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