Friday, March 21, 2014

HB 60 Passes the Georgia General Assembly!!

Well, we did it! And by "we" I mean legislators, lobbyists, and concerned citizens. HB 60 passed the Georgia General Assembly with a vote of 112-58.

Now it's off to Governor Deal's desk to sign. Everyone is pretty confident that he will sign it or face possible political suicide by contradicting his "pro-gun" stance. There is still a remote chance he will veto the bill, but I think the chances are pretty slim.

I would expect him to be more likely to ignore the bill rather than to outright veto it. This way he appears neutral and the bill sits for 40 days and it is passed into law automatically. But that's just my politically uneducated opinion.

The fight isn't over. There is still work to do in Georgia. Now that the session is over, get out there and get to know your legislators. Get to know the ones running for office now. And I mean get to know them personally. Call them. Visit them. Introduce yourself. Remember, they work for you, so let them know what your concerns are.

Be safe.

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