Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 25th Update on Georgia HB 60 - The Safe Carry Protection Act

This is the latest word from Georgia Carry about Georgia HB 60, the Safe Carry Protection Act:

We need to continue to contact Governor Deal and ask him to sign HB60 into law.  We expect Governor Deal to sign the bill as he has always stated that he will sign any pro 2A bill that reaches his desk.  This bill fits that definition to a "T".  That is also a promise he has on his reelection website. However, he continues to get a lot of messages from the Bloomberg gun prohibitionists groups urging him to veto.  We must continue to make our position known. 
Contact Information for Governor Nathan Deal
The Office of the Governor
State of Georgia
203 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Address for mail:
206 Washington Street
Suite 203, State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: 404-656-1776
Fax: 404-657-7332

In order to email the Governor, you must go here and fill out the form:
We need our members to contact your elected officials who voted for the bill and let them know you appreciate their vote on HB60.  It is always nice for them to know you appreciate their efforts.  This is exactly why several GCO members waited outside the House Chamber to shake hands and thank the representatives who voted to make HB60 a reality.  Your email, phone call, letter will be greatly appreciated by them. 

You can find out how your Representative voted by going here.  Your Senator's vote will be found here.   If either of your elected officials voted no, please do not harass them because of their vote.  That is something that should be taken into account during the primary and general elections.

Please continue to conduct yourselves in a professional manner when contacting the governor or any other elected official.  Hopefully we can notify you shortly to quit calling as he has signed the bill and we will notify you as 
soon as we learn of his action.

Keep the pressure on the Governor to not back down from his promise. In the meantime, if you're not a member of GeorgiaCarry.Org, you need to go join. This is some of the great work that they do for everyone in Georgia. You can go here to sign up online, it only costs $16 per year.

Be safe.

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