Friday, May 30, 2014

Spread the Word, America's in Trouble

Freedom Stamps
I know it's a long shot since in this day and age snail mail is dying faster than disco, but if you still mail bills or <gasp> letters, here is a neat way to voice your opinion about our country or government. It may not take off and become popular, or even be understood by recipients (No, Dr. Turnyourhead Ankoff, I don't love you.) but this is my sneaky way of telling my recipient, at least, that America's in trouble.

Flip those Forever flag stamps upside down to show your concern.

For hundreds of years, inverted national flags were a sign of distress. It wasn't a great idea since many flags looked the same inverted or not, but people today still think it's an accepted distress signal. 

What I'm proposing is for those of you that have this style of Forever stamp, to affix it to all your snail mail correspondence upside down to let people know America's in trouble. You can still get them at the Post Office, or buy them here if you want to do this, but don't have any flag stamps. There are four different flag stamps; Freedom, Liberty, Justice, and Equality. Seems kind of appropriate to flip them upside down now, doesn't it.

Then be sure to tell your friends about this or forward them a link to this blog.

Be safe.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Campus Carry Statement by Georgia Attorney General

Georgia's Attorney General Sam Olens today ruled stated that Georgians will not be allowed to carry weapons on school campuses when HB60 and HB826 take effect on July 1st of this year. His reasoning is that since HB60 was signed last, it maintains a School Safety Zone and people cannot carry on school property. This statement was taken from a list of Frequently Asked Questions about HB60 and HB826, posted by the Georgia AG's office. Here is the very brief story. And here is the FAQ.

Stay tuned. I think we haven't seen the last of this yet.

Be safe.

Edited for clarification

Sunday, May 25, 2014

States Ranked for Gun Friendliness - 2014 Edition

Last year, I wrote a post when Guns & Ammo magazine posted their rankings for the friendliest gun states (including Washington, D.C.) Well, they did it again this year, and being an Excel geek, I thought I'd look at how everyone compared to last year's rankings. 

Just like last year, states were ranked on five categories:
  • Right to Carry
  • Modern Sporting Rifles
  • NFA
  • Castle Doctrine
  • Miscellaneous
First of all, I'm very pleased to see my state (Georgia) move up this year to #3. Every Georgia gun owner should thank GeorgiaCarry.Org for their hard work getting HB60 through the General Assembly and signed by Governor Deal.

There was only one change in the 7 worst ranked states, and that was California and Hawaii swapping places for 46 and 47.

The largest improvement was Oklahoma. They went from 30 to 6, followed by South Dakota jumping from 27 to 13, and finally Georgia moving up to #3 from 13th on the list in 2013.

New Hampshire and Vermont tied for the biggest slip in rank. Both went down 15 places on the list, 10 to 25 and 2 to 17 respectively. Other double digit losers were Pennsylvania and Louisiana. 

A total of 21 states lost ground on the ranking list, while 16 made improvements and 14 remained the same as they were in last years rankings.

The best state was Arizona (again), and the worst was Washington, D.C. (again).

The Brady bunch has a similar list, but their format changes from one year to the next. I would comment more on it, but to try to read their propaganda makes my head hurt.

If anyone is interested in a copy of my spreadsheet, shoot me an email at or leave me a comment with your email address, and I'll send you a copy in .xls format.

Be safe.

I'm Still Alive and Kicking

It's been too long since I've posted, but have no fear, I'm still around. Family matters have kept me busy beyond belief the last couple of months. It's still kind of hectic, but it's either getting better or I'm adapting to it finally.

Watch for more posts coming soon.

Be safe.